Buyer Assistance

Help With Your Purchase

The majority of people don’t buy real estate on a regular basis.

Australians move once every five years on average. What should be an exciting time, often becomes a stressful and costly experience.

Having met several people, who have become good friends, encounter such difficulties, we would like to provide a service to the buyers who would like a hassle free purchase. How does the idea of having an experienced agent on your side sound?

We can take care of anything you need regarding your purchase, especially the most important part…….negotiating a fair price. Properties are often overpriced. Don’t be the buyer who pays too much and regrets it for evermore!

Call us on 0400 337 190 and make a time to discuss your individual needs and how we can save you TIME and MONEY when you purchase property.

“Finding a suitable home, dealing with agents, organising the necessary inspections, negotiating a fair price etc. In today’s busy world, there is often not enough time available to devote to one of your biggest transactions.”